Elegant Wedding at Seescheune

Make-up & Hair: Johanna Vollmer
Bride's gown: Madi lane bridal via i am yours
Earrings: dila accessories
Groom's outfit: the bloke
concept, Flowers & decoration: the bride & family
Cake: art cake by aline
Graphic design: the bride
Getting ready: mauritzhof hotel
Venue & catering: seescheune
DJ: julian hügelmeyer entertainment

When I think about the weddings I photographed, thousand fragments of memories flood my mind at once. Moments, lights, scents, wrinkles, smiles, looks... I have a feeling I can touch them all. It's no different with Wilma and Patrick's elegant wedding at the Seescheune.


As I step into the room, lively chatter and good mood welcome me. The smell of hair spray in the air. Champagne bottle pops, glasses clinking.

The next moment is slow and quiet. Wilma sitting on the bed, reading the touching words of Patrick, one or two tears rolling down on her cheek.


Seescheune. A tent stretches in the garden, filled with guests. They are sitting in the front. Slow, lazy waves of a blue lake behind them. Holding hands, looking at each other. Praying together. Close your eyes. Blessings. They tied the knot.


Before leaving the room filled with their guests, she takes her bouquet she had made herself, he reaches for his jacket laying on his chair. As they step outside, the fresh summer breeze strikes their skin. Soft lights framing their hugs, their smiles. They'd been waiting for this day to come, postponed it while the world was under lockdown — now embracing it. Embracing each other.

wilma & Patrick

august, 2022

münster & dülmen, germany

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