Flowers & Decoration: Iko Flowers
Calligraphy & Stationery: Lisa Brüning
Paper: Eliv Rosenkranz
Dresses: Ritual Unions
Hair & make-up: Johanna Vollmer
Cake & dessert table: Art Cake by aline
Venue: Schloss Ippenburg
Plates: Iko Restaurant & pinkmilk & Enikő Kontor
Cutlery: vintage/second hand
Glasses: vintage via Schloss Ippenburg

Model: Lara

We have created our wedding inspiration by focusing on naivete, simplicity, and elegance. Calmness and the play of lights and shadows embody the sense of serenity. Playful, yet chic flower creations complement the spaces, while the bright tones are framed by a pinch of melancholy.

inspirational wedding editorial

may, 2019

featured on

la mariée aux pieds nus

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