Here begins a new adventure.

Hey, I’m Fanni, seeking raw, emotional, candid moments,
new landscapes and paths, adventures and balance in life.
Witnessing and capturing both everyday lives and most
important moments in a person’s life has been
my passion for years leading up to this moment.

Genuine, intimate & quiet

moments in between

Your story is my inspiration. Let me tell it in a simple, artistic and truthful way. Let me give you a piece of your legacy.


If you...

...enjoy being out in nature and taking long walks in calm deep forests, but you also feel comfortable at home, laying on the couch with a good book and candlelight.
If you appreciate the little things on your way and find happiness in the smell of freshly baked bread.
If you like misty mornings, glowing sunsets and staring at the starry sky at night.
If you think a good photograph not only captures a fragile moment but all the feels behind it.
Then we will be good friends.