the experience

soulful, stylish and spontaneous

it's a constant mix of precision and play

"By studying the human psyche earlier in her life, Fanni had developed a strong sense of empathy and an honest curiosity about the people in front of her camera. With that knowledge under her belt she’s able to see all the little details, which make her photos unique and soulful. She senses the atmosphere of the room and creates a genuine connection with you. With her calmness and expertise, she knows exactly if the situation needs to be gently loosened up or when to withdraw herself from a setting to let you shine."

Genuinely preserving

the most important fragments of your life

My photographs will outlive me. They will outlive you.

They will be a part of your heirloom, your story.

Your photo album transports all the precious moments, secret whispers, loud laughters, tight hugs into the future, where multiple generations will have the pleasure to look back on your journey.

selected work

what to expect

about style & approach




connection & creative guidance

soulful, honest, spontaneous

closeness, calmness & warmth

Bringing out the essence of your relationship, I'm guiding you through a session in an effortless and gentle way, true to yourselves.

A wedding day is no exception – capturing connection is not only my mastery but also my greatest joy.

Always close enough to capture the big and the subtle moments, without being the centre of attention. Having photographed many international weddings before, I'm arriving with calmness and expertise to your day.

Preserving the special moments, just as they unfold, real and raw. With an eye for detail I'm telling a story about you – little anecdotes, intimate touches, unique emotions and unforgettable situations.

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and they said

"The atmosphere of our celebration is reflected so well through her images and she captured all the details so beautifully – we've also heard this from several people who were not present at our wedding, they only saw her photos.
We're thankful for her for accompanying us through the day with her calmness and warmth. We couldn't have imagined a better photographer."

Franzi & Paddy

Wilma & Patrick

"Fanni has a really great presence as a photographer, she is not intrusive but not too shy either. We are very happy with the result, there is no situation that she didn't catch! We're grateful for her diligent work through this somewhat stressful day, never tired of any nervous situations around us. I personally want to compliment her on her style. Her editing is wonderful throughout our gallery! It's particularly great how she picked up on all the little moments that we didn't notice. Thanks to her, we will always be able to time travel back to this special day and never forget it!"

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I’ve traveled the whole world with my couples

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I’d call it natural elegance, With a note of contemporary art.

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