Field to Vase

Sustainable floral design: Iko Flowers
Location, sustainable cultivation: Wildling Blumen
Calligraphy & Graphic design: Lisa Brüning
Ceramic design: Mirjam Rückert

Iko Flowers (Anne Oberwalleney) and Wildling Blumen (Malin Lüth) welcome participants on Malin's flower field every year to teach them all they know about sustainable cultivation, floral design and natural plant dyeing.

Of course, their philosophy attracts and connects a lot of people on their own workfield as well. Their national movement, which naturally belongs to the big, international picture, the Slowflower-Bewegung gives them a platform to share their knowledge and to work for a transparent floricultural supply chain.
This means local, seasonal, pesticide-free and sustainably-grown flowers. You should know where your bouquet comes from, how it was grown and who grew it.

two days workshop

September, 2021

Wildling Blumen

Müllheim, Germany

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