Intimate Old Chapel Wedding at Haus Venne

Graphic design: marie vanhofen
Celebrant: say oui por favor
Bride's gown: das kleine weiße

Groom's suit: giovanni lidano
MUAH: jasmin kleinfeld
Flowers: Blumen Hüdepohl
Music: gabriel zanetti
Champagne, drinks & finger food: greenhouse company
Venue: landhotel jagdschlösschen

This lovely wedding at Haus Venne – or better said, in the little old chapel on its premises completely swept me off my feet. Jannis and Marie were a wonderful couple to photograph. From the very beginning, they were excited and incredibly kind. They trusted me from the first moment and welcomed me as part of their family later on at their wedding day.

Their tailored ceremony at Haus Venne was followed by a laid-back cocktail hour in the garden, where I had the perfect opportunity to catch some lovely candid photos of them, surrounded by their loved ones.

Moving on from Haus Venne, the celebrations continued at Landhotel Jagdschlösschen. It was the perfect fine dining experience in a stylish interior!

Marie, who is a talented graphic designer, just loves planning and is a detail-lover. Besides the extremely thorough Excel sheets I got from her about the timeline (loved it!), I already knew the aesthetic will be on point on their big day. And she, of course, didn't disappoint. Just look at all the perfectly designed cards!

I'm incredibly grateful for their trust, it was an honour preserving this day for them!

And they said:

"What kind of wonderful talented artist are you?! We are so in love with the images and so excited every time we look at them. They really mean so much to us and we are infinitely grateful and happy that you captured our day for us. We know that we can never forget a day like this, because each of your pictures reflects the feeling."

Jannis & Marie

May, 2022

Drensteinfurt & Ascheberg, Germany

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