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When I started photography several years ago, there were some things I learned the hard way, but there were many others which I gathered through workshops, mentoring sessions and meaningful conversations with colleagues.

There aren't many other ways for a more efficient growth than to invest in your education. A chat with someone, who was in your shoes and understands your needs gives you a gentle push towards your goals.

If you need guidance or inspiration, a tailored one-on-one mentor session is a fantastic way to level things up, to talk about your ambitions and the topics you are interested in or need help with.

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1:1 mentoring

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After booking, I send you a questionnaire to work out the main topics we will go through in our session.

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Tell me a bit about yourself and let me know what you would like to learn from me.

Kind words

from Marie

"I chose you as a mentor because I have been impressed by the authenticity of your images for long now. My wish to be able to capture such moments grew stronger. I'm currently changing a few things and this one was my heart's desire.
The mentoring session was a great experience for me. I got so much feedback and new incentives from you that are really helpful for me. During the two hours I felt very comfortable with you, like I was talking with a trusted person.
Overall, it was a nice atmosphere with a fireplace and delicious snacks, where I was able to spend an interesting time with a great, smart person.
All my questions have been answered and I feel very enriched."

— in person mentoring

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